Badminton Community

Founded in 2014, the Badminton Community consists of employees who love playing badminton. The purpose of the community is to promote the sports atmosphere inside the company, to strengthen basic strength, and to develop teamwork.

Playing badminton in the spare time helps employees relax and improve their concentration, passion, and teamwork. The short-term goal of the community is to promote the sports atmosphere; in the long run, cohesion is expected to be improved through sports events inside and outside the company.

Basketball Community

The Basketball Community was founded in 2015 to improve employees’ strength and interaction with each other.

The athletic student Chen, Ming-Luen helps improve employees’ skills and strength and organizes basketball games at night and on holidays to strengthen understanding, cohesion, and teamwork. The Basketball Community is open for every employee who is determined, regardless of age.

Faith Hope Love Community

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