Alternative Military Service

Job title: alternative military service – Software engineer (Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park)

Vacancy: 1~8

Type of job: Software design engineer, firmware design engineer, soft firmware test engineer

Job description:

1. Analyze, design, and program C++ and image processing algorithm software.

2. Plan and execute software structure and module design and control the progress.

3. Test, verify, and revise the program and test case.

4. Plan, execute, and maintain products of mass production and test and verify functions, compatibility, performance, pressure bearing, and reliability of systems.

5. Help develop software technologies and tools and manage the procedures of project development.

6. Understand related units’ requirements for information, propose appropriate solutions, and provide assistance in the overall development and application of information.

7. Carry out necessary communication and coordination.

8. Manage and eliminate project risks, analyze test and research data, clarify issues, propose recommendations, and make reports.

9. Other tasks assigned by supervisors.

Education: Master or above

Tools: C, C++, Visual C++

Other requirements:

1. Be adept at C/C++, VC, MFC-Software

2. Be adept at Machine Vision

3. Be adept at image processing, computer vision, and computer graphics

4. Be adept at Windows programming skills

5. Be adept at the Windows operating environment

6. Excellent logic

Please submit your resume via 104 or 1111.


1. Please bring the academic transcript of the university or the graduate institute.

2. The research project and the thesis may be attached.