Employee Benefits

Our vision is to become an employee-first company.

We believe that employees are the key to our success, and we are happy to share the joy of success with our employees.

To show our appreciation for all employees’ contributions, we provide first-class remuneration and the best bonus system in the country (up to 15%), accompanied by the following benefits:

1. Work: We provide people-oriented hardware and software facilities to enable our employees to work efficiently in a comfortable environment.
1.A well-established training system
2.A complete personal learning map:
(1)General education
(2)Professional education
(3)Management education
(4)Legacy education
3.A six-star office and cafe
4.Comprehensive promotion management regulations

2. Family: A happy family is a source of motivation at work.
1. Regular gender and parent-child courses
2. Child rearing measures for children aged 0~18:
(1)Confinement allowance
(2)Childcare allowance for children aged 0~3
(3)Free kindergarten for children aged 3~6
(4)Youth camp
3. Emergency relief

3. Health: Healthy employees are an important asset of the Company.
1. Six-star gym, fitness equipment and massage chairs
2. Diversified club activities
3. Regular health examinations and exercise programs for substandard employees
4. On-site medical services provided by physicians or nurses
5. Influenza vaccination

4. Social welfare: Employees learn to be grateful and humble in the process of giving through participation in charitable events.
1. Little Apple Program
2. Seeds of Hope
3. Fund-raising to send love

5. Other benefits:
1. Up to 15% of surplus distribution and R&D project bonus
2. Team building, birthday party, and lucky draw at year-end party
3. Senior and outstanding employee award
4. Third party liability insurance and property loss insurance for commuting.
5. Labor&health insurance and group insurance (general death insurance, high-coverage cancer insurance, and hospitalization insurance)