Succession Plan

MACHVISION has a succession plan, and top-level managers are responsible for executing the plan. The plan is also included in the evaluation of promotion every half a year. In the succession plan, successors must have excellent work ability and identify with the corporate culture and ethical corporate management.

The succession plan for the Chairman: Senior executives are placed on the Board to learn and get familiar with the operations of the Board. They are also arranged to participate in the management of subsidiaries and are even rotated in subsidiaries to gain experience. President Chen, Fu-Sheng has joined the Board of Directors since May 2019.

The succession plan for management: There are more than 10 senior executives responsible for different businesses inside and outside the organization. An executive meeting is hosted by the Chairman and President every week to strengthen senior executives’ ties with the corporate culture and business philosophy and to cultivate their knowledge and management skills required for succession. In July 2019, Vice President of Sales Taiwan Tseng, We-Lun was appointed senior executive.