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MACHVISION made 6.13 in EPS, hitting record high in Q1 revenues

MACHVISION Inc. Co., Ltd. called for the Board of Director meeting today (4/17) and adopted the 2019 Q1 financial report. The Q1 revenue reached NTD670 million, up 18.6% compared with last year. The gross profit was 68%, which was better than the 66% from last year. The operating profit was NTD317 million, up 26% compared with last year. Net income was NTD264 million, up 31% compared with last year and EPS was 6.13, about 29.87% higher than the EPS of 4.72 compared with the same period last year, hitting a record high profit in Q1 of previous years.

The quarterly gross profit slightly grows according to the different product portfolios. Nonetheless the company has been performing stably above 60% over the last few years. MACHVISION does not rely on price competition but the continuous innovation in core technology, which allows the company to dominate the market with advantages. Such advantages are the key to the high profit of products. The company will hold the same strategy this year.

About 90% of the top PCB industries are long-term clients of MACHVISION while the majority of tier-1 semiconductor (packaging and COF) companies are also clients of MACHVISION. The top 3 clients for MACHVISION accounted for 43.75% of 2017 revenue and 51.46% of 2018 revenue. Moreover, the top 3 clients accounted for 65.34% for 2019 Q1 revenue. Nonetheless, the combination of top 3 clients may vary and change every year. It is notwithstanding that the 2019Q1 operating income from semiconductor has exceeded that of flexible printed circuit. Additionally, the international market has substantially increased compared with the same period last year, indicating correct strategy and estimation from the investor meeting, which also shows the wide and excellent customer relation between MACHVISION and the clients.

The company has made over 60% of capital in Q1 this year. Looking into 2019, the testing of PCB and semiconductor COF application plus the potential market opportunity of 6.5 million will invigorate the growth with more power. MACHVISION is still optimistic about future prospect. President Fu-Sheng Chen was also elected the chairman of this Board of Directors, who will help with the product marketing and strategic development in the future.


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