News Release

Material Information

Machvision (3563) due to the requirements set forth by Taiwan Stock Exchange, stock movement that exceeds a preset volatility, companies are required to issue statements for the public to review. Machvision here by making the following release:

In the month of February, Machvision has a total revenue of 222 million NTD. This is an 4.74% increase compared to same month in 2019. This is also a record revenue performance compared to the same periods other than 2019. Machvision has a prorated EPS of 1.82 NTD.

As Corvid 19 virus continues to wreak havoc across the globe, adversely impacting the stock market, Machvision stock price took a hit as well. Today it reached a floor limit of 201.5 NTD, this is an over 9% fall in price. Machvision continues to hold its’ cautiously positive outlook for its’ business. In reference to the capital levy Machvision intends to raise, chairman Collin Wang reassures the capital needs of the company is already considered, whether it goes thru capital levy or banking resources, it is not an issue that should cause concerns for the investors.

Responding to the current pandemic, Machvision will implement precautionary measures with the following 3 stages: Currently, Machvision implements basic preventive measures including but not limited to temperature measurement, employee education on disease control, informing family members to refrain from contacts with travelers returning from abroad and preventing employees from overseas travels.

Machvision will also limit the number of outside visitors to the company, shorten the time of meetings with visitors. Machvision is making arrangements with our supply chain vendors so parts delivery will not be impacted and will reorganize delivery plan to those customers that are adversely impacted by this pandemic.

If an infection is identified, Machvision has arranged its current employees to work in different locations and will work from home to ensure continuous operation of Machvision. We have also identified alternative production facility to ensure our delivery will not be adversely impacted by the pandemic。

Machvision is fully prepared for the pandemic and is in full control of its operation whether it be employees’ wellbeing, company operation, supply chain logistics and manufacturing needs.