News Release

Machvision Chairman Guang-Shiah Wang was selected as one of Taiwan’s Top 100 CEOs in the global Traditional Chinese version of the 2020 Harvard Business Review!!

Machvision (3563) Chairman Guang-Shiah Wang was awarded the Best Performing CEO in Taiwan in the surveyed by the global Traditional Chinese version of the Harvard Business Review that voted for and selected the top 100 business leaders of Taiwan who have led the company with outstanding performance for a long time!

The traditional Chinese version of HBR has launched a ranking of the strongest CEOs in Taiwan every two years since 2016. The top 50 were selected in the first two sessions, and for this year it has expanded to the top 100. Following the survey method used in the English version, with the same survey team composed of INSEAD Adjunct Professor Nana von Bernuth, and data consultant experts from Eleven Strategy & Management entrusted to jointly conduct the survey and select the candidates!

In the award ceremony this time, Machvision Chairman Guang-Shiah Wang was invited to the 2020 Taiwan Top 100 CEO Award Ceremony where a hundred best CEOs of Taiwan would gather together to accept congratulations and awards from the conference!

Good leaders must lead the company to grow and seek the best interests of its shareholders. The global Traditional Chinese version of HBR first selects the top 300 companies by market capitalization from the information of companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. It targets the CEOs who are still in office on the deadline of the survey on April 30, 2020, excluding those with a term of less than two years or those with records of felony. Based on the indicators of “total return to shareholders after industry adjustment” and “change in market value” during each leader’s tenure, with long-term financial performance as the basis of the ranking, the top 100 leaders will be picked after comprehensive evaluation.