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MACHVISION across various industries developed of 5G、Mini LED

With debuting of TPCA Expo on October 21st, equipment manufacturer Machvision (3563-TW) today has its new products unveiled by Chairman Guang-Shiah Wang. A new product developed in cooperation with an alliance of four companies across various industries, including Machvision, YoungTek Electronics (6261-TW), USun Technology (3498-TW), and For Win Tech, with electric testing technology, AOI, and high-precision measurement for semiconductors integrated. It will be launched around the end of this year to early next year at the latest, becoming a new source of revenue.

Machvision Chairman Guang-Shiah Wang pointed out that the four-line testing machine with rotating disk announced today will mark the company’s beginning in its quest to cross into new fields for its PCB business. The new equipment will be sold in the fourth quarter and will be launched toward the end of this year to early next year at the latest.

As pointed out by the company, this equipment is mainly developed for HDI, 5G, Mini LED, and high-end automotive circuit boards, with the biggest difference from those of its competitors including more than four times faster in the speed of replacement of the fixtures with new material numbers. At the same time, through innovative technology, it has the hit rate accurately measured in one step during the retest, which is significantly ahead of the hit rate of its competing products in the four-way blind test.

In addition, by employing rapid analysis on smart optical images, AI-based fine-tuning on numerical statistics for the positioning system, and auto-calculation on resistance for standard tests, the new product can greatly increase the utilization rate and reduce the risk of stylus damaging the PCB board, breaking the long-term monopoly by foreign manufacturers on equipment.


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