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The Circuit AOI system is designed to perform automatic and accurate inspecting systems. It integrates rigid mechanical system with advanced vision technology and manufactured and tested by strict is standards. It is suitable for circuit inspection for PCB/FPC, verification and repair. Innovation and unique inspection algorithms are applied to inspect open, short, protrusion, nick, scratch, pin hole, island, line width/space violation, object missing and others defects. AOI system can use offline setup project and check results. It will improve the throughput.
Compare to halogen lighting, the full angle LED lighting of Circuit AOI can obtain the best image contrast and is good for different panel type inspection.


Straightforward user interface reduces training & setup time.

It can set up new part number offline to reduce the replacement part number time.

Traditional AOI 2 times the rate of production, with automated production to save manpower.

Comprehensive software and hardware solutions for after-sales support.


Special angle LED light source system applies to all PCB board.

“FSD”fine short detection function can find out the fine short near lines effectively.

Powerful SBD algorithms grant superb detection.

The function of one button start inspection can simplify the operation procedure.

Defect-combination can reduce the defect count and save recheck time.

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Circuit AOI
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