Missing legend


Solder mask breakage




Detect below SM


Solder mask peeling

AFI system is designed to perform automatic final inspecting system. AFI integrates professional vision and optics technology. Besides, reliable mechanical system reduces the maintenance time. It is especially suitable for the demand for high quality and low cost inspection. Unique AOFITM inspection techniques, integrating with AOI power, adapt to normal and also HDI PCB. It can detect gold/copper discoloration, scratch, abnormal feature size, drill void, solder mask & copper/gold peeling, foreign object on solder mask, no legend, legend blurry, etc. AFI system can work with setup station and recheck station to enhance the throughput.
Compared to fluorescence lighting, full angle LED lighting of AFI can obtain the best defect images and can be applied to the inspection for different types of solder mask.


By applying AOFTTMunique technologies, the inspection for wiring and metal areas can be greatly enhanced.

Automatic lighting adjustment to dramatically save the learning time of engineers.

Double board inspection available for high UPH performance.

Optional hole check function for saving manpower, time and space.


LED lighting is stable and has long life time. It can reduce repair time and cost.

The belt conveying system will not scratch the panels. It is easy to maintain and is cost-effective.

High resolution CCD can inspect legend, metal and solder mask individually.

Intuitional parameter functions to decrease setup time and recheck time.

Intellectual parameter setting shortens learning time.

Many options to save a lot of manpower.

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