Supply Chain Social Responsibility

MACHVISION values the corporate social responsibility and views supplier management an important part in the corporate sustainable management. Requirements for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) are incorporated into the supplier regulations. The supplier evaluation held once every six months and an appropriate punishment/reward mechanism are carried out to ensure suppliers’ compliance with related requirements, to promote the corporate sustainable management, and further to have a better society.


Requirements for Environment

MACHVISION signs contracts with suppliers, which clearly request suppliers to take preventive measures for the environment in accordance with Noise Control Act, Air Pollution Control Act, and Waste Disposal Act. In case of any violations of regulations, suppliers are required to propose an improvement plan in a timely manner.


Requirements for Safety and Health

Suppliers shall abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Act, sign the Commitment to Occupational Safety and Health and Environment and the Declaration of Notice of Environmental Hazards in Workplace, and thoroughly read the Implementation Rules of Occupational Safety and Health Management. Suppliers shall implement the occupational safety and health management and the disaster prevention in accordance with Regulations Governing Occupational Safety and Health Management to present hazards to construction workers’ health and safety caused by improper construction.


Supplier Evaluation

MACHVISION holds the supplier evaluation once every six months to assess suppliers’ capacity for quality assurance, to build a long-term relationship, and to urge suppliers to comply with requirements for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). For suppliers with outstanding evaluation results, MACHVISION will increase the number of orders as a reward; suppliers not reaching 70 points will be asked to make improvement and MACHVISION will reduce the number of orders as a punishment.